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Need of spirituality

16, May 2011

Need of spirituality Hi..i have seen a lotsa dicussion goin on material passions..let us share/spare some time 2 discuss..real..things.. “Spirituality” literally means “Knowing about the spirit soul”…in this present days..we r no more following the “Vedic system”..i.e Gurukula system…which is intended..2 realise the spirit soul..starts at the age of 5 (after upanayana cermony)..nd moreover..the gap […]

What according to you means a simple life? Anand There is nothing simple about life…it is always complicated…and thats what keeps us interested.. Meena i think its a very relative factor, what might be simple to me may be more than affordable to somone , and vice versa. RK Only the most intelligent of people […]

7 wonders of India – ShravaNabeLagoLa The suspense is over! and there are two great news to all kannadigas. Times Of India has released the list of 7 wonders of India. Several thousands of readers across the country SMSed their choices. There were more than fifty places in the race. And finally Karnataka is shining […]

Positive thinking and positive attitude i’t’s impossible to isolate a “positive attitude” from all the other things that can affect your life. two people may both have a positive but only one of them has developed the skills needed to actually make it happen. i could swear by my positive attitude and say it does […]

Negative impacts of positive thinking Well enuf of POSITIVE effects of positive thinking…enuf of “BE positive ” attitude…Even when we know its not going to work anymore…We just cant believe anything…Surely if positive thinking really were so powerful, it wouldn’t need so many books? Many important goals are intrinsically negative. Positive thinking isn’t suitable for […]