Need of spirituality

16 May

Need of spirituality

Hi..i have seen a lotsa dicussion goin on material passions..let us share/spare some time 2 discuss..real..things.. “Spirituality” literally means “Knowing about the spirit soul”…in this present days..we r no more following the “Vedic system”..i.e Gurukula system…which is intended..2 realise the spirit soul..starts at the age of 5 (after upanayana cermony)..nd moreover..the gap between the Shruthi,smruthi..nd we is getting wider nd wider..i mean..i doubt how many of our generation r trying 2 Understand vedas..nd their..meanings…So..whts the need of spirituality..if so…how do we practice it…2 realise the spirit soul… I xpect people of same mind should share their views….

spirituality is knowing oneself as per adwitha the jeevathma and paramthma r samethe keywords to know ur self r “Thatwamasi”and the keyword”Aham Brahmasmi”the real meaning is Its u and u r Brahman Once u hav found out this there is nothing more and ur the creator It is this that u have to find and its a searchAll saints who found out this will no longer speak anything

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