Negative impacts of positive thinking

14 May

Negative impacts of positive thinking

Well enuf of POSITIVE effects of positive thinking…enuf of “BE positive ” attitude…Even when we know its not going to work anymore…We just cant believe anything…Surely if positive thinking really were so powerful, it wouldn’t need so many books?
Many important goals are intrinsically negative. Positive thinking isn’t suitable for many important aspects of life and work.
positive thinking , on the other hand , can lead to excess – more is toxic.

I can’t yet say if there are any negative impacts to positive thinking, literal terms; if its positive how can it be negative, lateral terms; if it is positive, there is something relatively negative or completely negative. Remember integers? 

Would it not be safe to say If the thoughts yielded positive results we term it positive thinking and negative if it was the opposite, the road travelled could be bumpy but if results were fruitful, we would overlook the path taken and if the road travelled was smooth and the results unfavorable, we would tend to remember only the results again.

I am not favoring the shades of ever present optimism, instead drawing attention to possibilities of every thought, and corresponding actions. It is the answers to questions we are asked everyday that place positive and negative on a the relativity scale.

For eg. If you were to cross a road with 2 way traffic (and a divider) , Looking towards the left/right may mean you have a positivity of no traffic coming through from the left/right and the moment you reach the divider, the left/right directions change the meanings.

So, the secret lies in thinking on the “positive results” line and being able to alter the flow of thoughts to suit the favorable outcomes. I would hence conclude that there would be impacts of not thinking “positively” long enough or “dynamically” enough but not in case if thoughts were regularly “positive”

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